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Do You Qualify for Lodge 9 FOP Membership?

  • Regularly Appointed Sworn Law Enforcement Officers Working for a Law Enforcement Agency are eligible to Join the F.O.P. Lodge 9.
  • Civilian Employees Working for a Law Enforcement Agency Are Eligible to Join the F.O.P. Lodge 9 Associates.
  • Law Enforcement Officers who retired from a Law Enforcement Agency are Eligible to Join the F.O.P. Lodge 9
  • Civilian Employees who retired from a law enforcement agency are eligible to join the F.O.P. Lodge 9 Associates

Are you looking for an Associates membership?

  • Civilian law enforcement employees
  • Supporters of law enforcement
  • Get the application here

Why You Should Join the FOP

With Lodge 9 membership, you have the option of also obtaining legal coverage by joining the F.O.P. Arizona Labor Council.

You can always get a legal opinion- at no cost to the member- from our law firm. You can contact the law firm directly. As a lodge member you will be able to join the most cost effective legal defense plan available. The Arizona Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council meets the needs of law enforcement officers.

All members of Lodge 9 have all privileges of membership in the State and National F.O.P. Lodge.

If you decide that you want to join our organization, or have questions about our organization, you can send us a message asking for us to contact you.

The FOP is committed to professional representation and strong fraternal support for law enforcement. We are dedicated to supporting law enforcement employees in all respects; labor representation, fraternal support, education, legislation, information and community involvement.

  1. Mesa Sworn Employees¬†–¬† Application Form
  2. Civilian Employees РApplication Form
  3. Retired Member with ALC Coverage – Application Form
  4. Retired member with NO ALC Coverage – Application Form
  5. Others Agencies -Print and sign – Application Form


Fraternal Order of Police Mesa Lodge 9
P.O. Box 999
Mesa, Arizona 85211-0999

*FOP membership is required for ALC legal coverage.

Member Benefits:

The best legal plan in Arizona
Verizon Discount
ESM Discounts
Members’ Insurance Benefit

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