Steve Pollard Memorial Scholarship

Officer Pollard

Steve Pollard was our first Brother to fall in the line of duty.  He loved his career as a Mesa Police Officer.  Steve was proud to wear the Mesa Police uniform, and he wore it well. Steve loved children.  He … Continue reading

The Hazards of ‘Bath Salts’

The pain-compliance tools on your duty belt may not be effective.   Following the Miami cannibal attack, medical experts again warned officers about a synthetic street drug known as bath salts, which causes users to become impervious to pain compliance … Continue reading Article from E. J. Montini

The things we ask of officers The death of Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy William Coleman is a simple, heartbreaking example of the things we ask law enforcement officers to do. We ask them to respond to middle-of-the-night reports of burglar … Continue reading

Are You Ready to Act?

Nationally, special interest groups and some politicians are using Public Employees as scapegoats for the financial problems caused by two major economic collapses in the past decade. The safety of every citizen of the United States is threatened as Public … Continue reading